This week we have been learning to write Limericks.  Here some of our work;

There once was a boy from  Welly,

who said “I wish I wasn’t smelly.

 He didn’t like his cat,

so he replaced with a hat,

And said ” I love jelly”. EM


There once was a Minecraft dog, 

who always slept like a log.

he also had a pet fig ,

who always wore a wig.

but said “I wish I had a pet hog”.HM

We also learnt to use pronouns effectively.

In Numeracy, we have been learning to divide 2/3  digit numbers with a single digit.  Some of us created board games to practise our multiplication and division skills.

HWB- We discussed what it means to be Unique.  We learnt about diversity and discrimination.

We celebrated our differences and similarities and spoke about how each of us have valuable skills to offer.

MC and her group began their literacy circle this week.
Here is ED’s of what makes her inique
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