In Handwriting we were practising the diagonal join to the letter “y” and working hard on our letter formations and pencil control.

In Maths this week we were learning how to do division with remainders.  we are all are working very hard on division and using our knowledge of times tables to assist us.

In PE this week we played outdoor games including a game of “rounders” to improve our fitness levels. We all had great fun!

In Reading we continued with our Literacy Circles with everyone taking turns at their specified roles. We also worked on the “literacy box” which we have been using to develop our comprehension skills.

In writing we learned how to write limericks which are funny poems that have to follow a set rhyming pattern.  Our limericks were very funny and we also drew a picture to illustrate them as well.

With Mrs McAlpine on Thursday, we were talking about medicine and how it is good and bad for you.  Some of us did a little play as well to act out wat we had been learning.

In French this week we were learning how to say personal information in French. We also learned how to say where we live and our ages.

In are co-operative groups this week we used our canal boat designs to build a 3D model of our boats and presented the design to the class.  We discovered that some of the designs were not waterproof so the boats would sink!  We also carried out research on how a canal lock works and how they help the boats to move up and down the canals.

We are also nearly finished our class novel “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.”

By Mr Ritchie and all the “tiggerrific” P4/5s

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