Hello, we have had lots of good fun outdoors this week and managed to stay (mainly) dry!

Some numeracy photos to begin with.  Some of us have been working on data handling as our outer maths topic at the moment.  We have been reading venn diagrams and sorting information into venn diagrams. B has been learning about weighing and measuring and made us a delicious banana loaf.  We really enjoyed it, you can make that for us any day B!

On Tuesday we walked all the way to Linlithgow Rugby Club for a talk from author Colin Drysdale who told us about his book ‘Scotland’s Castles.’  He told us a lot of information about Scottish castles and then took us outside to see a trebuchet in action.  H helped him to build it and we really enjoyed watching how far the water balloons travelled when they were fired from it. The walk to and from the rugby club was also good, the weather was lovely and we saw lots of the great work that has been done by Burgh Beautiful, Transition Linlithgow and various other organisations in the town. We particularly liked the plastic waste feature as we know a lot about this, we are pleased others will learn about it too.

We have been working on imaginative story writing for the past couple of weeks.  Last week we wrote a story opener with an interesting first line to hook our reader.  We also introduced the main characters and setting.  This week we worked on the middle of the story.  We had to create a problem for the characters and write about how it was solved.  Next week we will be learning about how to write a good story ending.

To finish off our lslam topic we looked at mosques and in particular, the beautiful tiles they are often decorated with.  We made and painted our own tiles, creating our own patterns and selecting the colours we wanted to use to decorate them.

Sports day on Wednesday was great fun!  We enjoyed all the activities in the morning – there were so many different sports which meant we were able to practise many different skills.  We really enjoyed watching and taking part in the races in the afternoon, we really love the parents and teachers races!

As we have had a focus on health this week we have been learning about all the factors that work together to help to keep us healthy.  We have been looking diet, exercise, sleep as well as having fun and relaxing – as these are important for our health too.  We worked in groups to carry out research and prepare a presentation on how to have a healthy lifestyle.  I was very impressed, we are a healthy bunch and we are very knowledgeable about what is good and bad for our health.

Have a good weekend everyone, hopefully having fun and relaxing!

P3B and Mrs Kennedy


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